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Sampada Parishe 2012 : Invitation

B. Jayashree
Member of Parliament – Rajya Sabha (Nominated)
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Founded in the year 1976, Spandana is a Kannada Theatre group that has acquired a unique reputation for itself with outstanding productions like ‘Lakshapathi Rajana Kathe’ (performed in India and abroad), ‘Karimayi’, ‘Agnipatha’, ‘Siri Sampige’, ‘Uriya Uyyale’, ‘Chitrapata’, ‘Ghashiram Kotwal’, ‘Smashaana Kurukshetra’, ‘Girija Kalyana’,’Sadaarame’ and the most recent ‘Baalura Gudikara’, to name a few. One of the major contributions of Spandana to the field of Theatre has been the extensive research undertaken by the group for the documentation and experimentation of the rich and varied folk art forms such as ‘Kinnari Joogeraata’, ‘Bayalaata’, ‘Bhooteraata’, ’Gondaligara Mela’, ‘Veeragaase’, which are found in and around Karnataka.  The uniqueness of this process followed by Spandana provides the opportunity for the artistes to specialize not only in Acting but also Singing, Dancing and playing many instruments.  This has enabled the group Spandana to compile in its archives more than 300 hours of Audio & Video recordings of the Folk and Traditional music & narratives.   Other significant contributions of Spandana have been the adaptation of various novels, short stories and poetry.  The play ‘Sadaarame’ has brought back the glory of the company theatre style to the modern era.  Spandana can boast of successfully and innovatively adapting Henrik Ibsen’s play ‘The Master Builder’ as ‘Baalura Gudikara’ and having gained accolades.  Spandana strives to provide theatre-goers and critics with plays to remember both for its aesthetics and production values.  Dr. B. Jayashree is the Creative Director of Spandana, who has the unique reputation of being a successful Singer, Actress, Director and an organiser apart from being a nominated member of Rajyasabha.

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